Gas prices in Montana are finally seeing an increase along with the rest of the nation. Petroleum Analyst Patrick DeHaan explains.

“Prices edging higher by about half a penny in the last week up to an average of $2.17,” said DeHann. “Now there are some prices cheaper in Missoula still where Costco is at $2.09 a gallon, some Exxon and Holiday stations at $2.13, but it was a fairly quiet week at the pump.”

Gas prices are growing more in other states, but Montana still ranks near the middle when it comes to the cheapest in the nation.

“Montana does lag a little bit behind, but looking at the least expensive prices now, we are seeing Montana all the way down to number 20,” DeHann said. “Not quite to the point yet where Montana is among the cheapest, but as other areas move up we could see Montana improving in the ranks.”

DeHann predicts that Montana gas prices will see another mild increase this upcoming week.