While gas prices rise across the country, Montana seems to be bucking the trend. Gasbuddy.com’s Petroleum Analyst Patrick DeHaan explains.

“Montana’s average at $2.36 is just two tenths of a penny higher than a week ago,” said DeHann. “The national average on the other hand is up about three cents a gallon at $2.26 a gallon. All of the increases coming nearly country wide has to do with the discussion from Opec a few weeks ago about cutting production of crude oil at their November meeting.”

DeHann says gas prices will either rise or fall depending on if Opec decides to cut oil production.

“It is really coming down to be able to predict if Opec is going to just talk the talk or are they going to walk the walk as well,” DeHann said. “The market is trying to sort out if they are serious about cutting oil production. If they are, it would likely mean a sustained period of higher oil prices, but if Opec doesn’t cut oil production we could see gas prices fall.”

While Montana may not see price increases yet, local trends tend to follow national trends by two weeks and prices are expected to climb in the upcoming days.