As the sun sets on summer in Montana, gas prices are slowly declining throughout the state. The average price on Sunday, August 16, was $2.77. Petroleum Analyst Will Speer says that the rest of the country is noticing a different trend.

"The Unites States though, has been seeing gas prices pick up due to a crisis in the midwest with a Chicago area refinery," Speer said. "Montana is finally on the right track with prices on the decline."

Along with problems at a Chicago refinery, a press release states that outages in the Midwest caused a high demand leading some states to raise prices 60 cents. Speer says Montana may be able to dodge that bullet.

"Right now the crisis happening in Chicago has not reached the Montana area," Speer said. "It's not expected to but it has had a wide impact to states as south as Oklahoma."

Montana fuel prices are now 3.5 cents lower than they were a month ago.

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