A lawsuit over Montana's wolverine trapping season has come a halt after news was released this week that the EPA is considering putting wolverines on the endangered species list. Now a complaint has been filed that Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks is in violation of State law by not keeping wolverines off the list.

"We maintain that we've done all that we can do," says Communication director for Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks, Ron Aasheim, "we have wolverines where we've always had them and basically this suggestion that they should be put on the endangered species list has nothing to do with management in Montana.

Interview with Ron Aasheim:

There is a public comment period open for the wolverine's place on the endangered species list. Aasheim says that even if wolverines are listed that Montana FWP will "petition for a special rule that will allow us to still trap. That's allowable under the endangered species act. We just maintain that we have a very reasonable conservative season and its an opportunity we ought to maintain for Montana trappers that are interested."

Before the lawsuit and the news from the EPA a total of five wolverines could be trapped in Montana.

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