Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks is hosting their fourth wolf trapping certification coming up at the end of the summer.

"We have a wolf trapping certification class coming up Saturday, Aug. 27, in Missoula," FWP Information and Program Manager Vivica Crowser said. "This is something that is required if you think you may want to go participate in the the wolf trapping season. The course is six hours long, taught at the Fish Wildlife and Parks office in Missoula and there's no cost to attend."

Crowser said many people have been certified already.

"It's in the thousands," Crowser said. "The first year was the big push as the wolf trapping season was new and people were interested in the new opportunity, things have trickled off a bit. I know with the addition of the trapping component to wolf management, so not just hunting, but trapping, it's on average doubled the harvest and made a big difference towards getting closer to our harvest objectives."

Click here to learn more about the certification and to register.

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