An ongoing salmonella investigation in the state has led Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services officials to conclude that a new cluster of salmonella may have been found within a certain food product provided in most grocery stores.

"We've been working with local, state and federal partners on this outbreak and we just received new information that became available," Epidemiologist Dana Fejes said. "It appears that cucumbers are the likely source of the illnesses that we've seen. In Montana, we've seen 13 ill individuals in eight different counties."

Fejes said some counties include Cascade, Flathead, Gallatin, Lewis and Clark and Yellowstone Counties. For now, Fejes added, hold on to any store bought cucumbers until DPHHS receives a report from federal officials regarding which stores were home to the item of interest.

"General prevention items that everyone can do to prevent any foodborne illnesses would be to always wash your hands before and after you prepare any meals," Fejes said. "Thoroughly wash produce especially, vegetables, cook meats to proper temperatures, and avoid any cross contamination between meat products and produce products."

To find the updated list of stores with potentially contaminated food products like the cucumbers, visit the DPHHS website.