The Montana Department of Commerce is now accepting grant requests for those who want to throw a special event in their town. Daniel Iverson from the Montana Office of Tourism said the special event grant program just opened not all too long ago:

"This is a program we've had since 2002 that helps communities to organize special events that are of cultural and economic impact to their communities," Iverson said. "We're looking for a destination event—the type of things that people travel to be a part of—and we're looking for events that occur year after year."

Iverson touted the Kalispell Dragon Boat Festival as an example of how the grants can work. The state poured $23,000 into the festival which generated a $771,000 return. Last year, two Missoula festivals received grants.

"In the 2014 grant cycle we had a couple of recipients in the Missoula area," Iverson said. "There was the Celtic Festival in Missoula received a grant, and the Big Sky Documentary Film Festival as a couple of examples."

There is a total of $150,000 to give away this year.

Anyone interested in applying can find the application at the Montana Office of Tourism website.

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