Missoula, MT (KGVO-AM News) - Montana Congressman Ryan Zinke stopped by the KGVO studios for a visit on Thursday morning's Talk Back show to provide an update on the first few tumultuous weeks of the U.S. House of Representatives.

He was asked about the first goals of the Republican Congressional session.

Zonke's First Visit to KGVO after Winning the Election

“There are things we can and cannot do,” began Zinke. “One is that the House (of Representatives) can investigate, and the house should investigate, although my counsel is be judicial, don't go on a fishing expedition because we don't have to, and don't abuse the power, because the last group abused the power, so don't take the bait. There has to be a right and wrong. There has to be a moral compass. And if both sides decide we're going to lie, cheat and steal, and what's the difference? So we owe it to the American people to be the moral compass, to investigate corruption, investigate the Constitution, investigate those important things, but don't abuse the power.”

Zinke said Republicans Must Use the Power of the Purse to Defund Congress

Zinke said the only tool the House of Representatives has over the Senate at this time is the power of the purse.

“We need to defund them,” he said. I mean we have to defund their ability to enforce it, think about it, store data, move data, and put it at all stop. The ATF just put rules out against the Second Amendment again. So I don't think the more I'm worried that the administration is going to wake up and says, you know, I was wrong. So I think they're going to double down on rules and the only way to be effective is the Republican caucus has to act together.”

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Zinke said the power of the purse can force Democrats in the House and the Senate to stop the practice of passing omnibus bills, meaning one massive bill that includes dozens or more pieces of legislation.

“In order not to do an omnibus, the House has to pass appropriation bills,” he said. “Those are hard bills. There are 12 of them because if the House can't unify then they need to circle the wagons and shootout, not in. There can be no snipers inside the perimeter. If you want to advance you have to work together and unify. It's better to have a Republican series of appropriation bills, even though they're not going to be perfect than to get jammed with a Senate omnibus bill.”

Zinke Promotes the 'Commitment to America'

Zinke closed out his hour of taking calls from KGVO listeners by asking for help from Montanans on how to direct the Congress to best serve Montanans, and he said that begins with Republicans working together.

“In order to have an adequate check and balance, which is part of the brilliance of our democracy, is because the Republicans have a slim majority,” he said. “The only way to be effective is to act together. Everyone can have a say but an individual doesn't get the say, because it's a body. So everyone has to work together for the benefit of Montana for the benefit of our country. The direction, the path, the ‘Commitment to America’ is the guideline of where we're going to go. It’s online, so look at it, and then I'd appreciate your comments on it.”

Zinke was headed to Butte to meet with union leaders after he left the KGVO studios.

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