Montana Western District Congressional candidate Dr. Al Olszewski traveled from his home in Whitefish to appear on the KGVO Talk Back show and take calls from listeners.

Olszewski first described his recent trip to the southern border on an invitation from several Republican congressmen, where he met illegal refugees from all over the world who had paid their fee to the Mexican drug cartels for entrance into the U.S.

“The group from Cuba said that they were going to Orlando,” said Olszewski. “They had no fear of (local Texas County) Sheriff Wilmot; they had no fear of any of us, because they already knew that they paid the cartel’s full price. That's why they got to walk across this dry piece of property, and they knew that they were going to be processed once they went through the Trump fence, because there's a big gaping hole there and there was one Border Patrol agent processing them. Then they would put them on bus taking them to shuttles which were then sending them out dispersing them out into the rest of America.”

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Another group of refugees were forced to fjord a river to get across because they could not afford the cartels’ full price.

“We went down a little bit further where because they paid less they have to actually walk across the water,” he said. “But they're coming across the Colorado River’s banks. It is an environmental travesty. There are thousands of tons. I'm talking tons, not pounds of shoes, shirts, clothes, burner phones, SIM cards IDs that are cut up and also thousands of foil pack heart medicines, thyroid medicines, antibiotics, but no narcotics.”

Dr. Olszewski pointed out of the major differences between him and his chief Republican rival, former Congressman and Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke.

“I mean, when Ryan was our state senator in 2011, he voted not once but twice against voter ID, and he was one of two Republicans to do so,” he said. “I championed that bill as well as the referendum that made ballot harvesting illegal. So, you know, in that situation when Nancy Pelosi is trying to grant 31 million illegal immigrants citizenship and amnesty so they can vote in our future elections, through the ballot box, whose voting record are you going to trust to have Montana's back, and that we keep our elections free and fair and only for Americans?”

Dr. Olszewski also said that Native Americans in Montana are not paying their fair share of Montana taxes.

“One of the premises of this country was ‘no taxation without representation’,” he said. “We have a third party of people who don't pay their taxes. They don't pay state taxes. They don't pay gas taxes. They don't pay the cigarette tax. They don't pay many of our taxes, yet they're able to vote and they're able to represent people who do pay taxes, and I think we need to say ‘no representation without taxation’.”

Click this link to hear all of Dr. Al Olszewski’s comments on Monday’s Talk Back show.

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