It was announced today December 29, that the Montana Supreme Court is now able to accept electronically filed documents from attorneys in both criminal and civil cases. Clerk of the Montana Supreme Court Ed Smith explains how this upgrade will make things easier for attorneys.

“After the first of the year attorneys are going to be able to file their cases electronically with us, which will be of great convenience considering the size of Montana geographically,” said Smith. “They won’t have to frantically at the last minute have themselves and staff members drive briefs over to file with us, they will be able to file them electronically.”

According to Smith, this change will benefit his office as well.

“We are going to be able to not handle, physically as much paper has been in the past because it is coming in electronically,” Smith said. “We are also going to be able to capture that information electronically so that the records won’t have to be scanned as they are now.”

The Montana Courts E-Filing system is only available to attorneys and is not accessible for self-represented litigants, but Smith says they will be working towards that goal in the future.