Have you seen one of these in your mailbox?

photo courtesy of Montana Dept of Justice

Attorney General Tim Fox and the Montana Department of Justice want to make Montanans aware of deceptive vehicle service contract “notices” that claim to be issued from the “Motor Vehicle Division” that may be appearing in consumers’ mail boxes.

Spokeswoman Anastasia Burton said the notices appear to be authentic.

"They look like they're coming from our Motor Vehicle Division, when in fact they're not," Burton said. "The Montana Department of Justice does not get involved with vehicle warranties. We can title your vehicle, we can help you with license plates, but the one thing that we can't do is warranty your vehicle."

Burton said even she was confused when she opened her own mailbox and found a fake service contract.

"I understand why folks can be confused when they get one of these mailings," she said. "I received one. It does look official. There's a time-sensitive message on the outside envelope, so I can empathize with folks who assume that it is an official document."

Burton urges recipients to simply discard the mailing.



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