The Montana Attorney General’s office reminds state residents that the Montana Department of Justice maintains a hotline for citizens to report suspected Medicaid provider fraud. 

Spokesperson for Attorney General Tim Fox, Anastasia Burton, said Medicaid fraud hurts everyone.

“Stealing from Medicaid is like stealing from each and every taxpayer,” Burton said, speaking for Attorney General Fox.  “Examples of Medicaid provider fraud include billing for services not performed, dispensing generic drugs and billing for brand-name drugs instead, and falsifying timesheets or signatures in connection with the provision of personal care services.”  Burton added, “The successful investigation and prosecution of two recent Medicaid fraud cases by our Medicaid Fraud Control Unit demonstrates our commitment to protecting the financial health of State resources and the quality of care available to Medicaid patients.”

Burton specifically referenced one fraud case out of Yellowstone County.

This spring in Yellowstone County, Brooks Johnson received a six-year deferred, probationary sentence and was ordered to repay the Medicaid program approximately $67,000,” she said. “Johnson falsely claimed to be providing mental health therapy to his patients.  One patient was as young as four months old.”

Attorney General Fox encouraged anyone who suspects Medicaid provider fraud to call the Montana Department of Justice’s hotline at 1-(800)-376-1115. Anyone who suspects fraud by a medicaid recipient should contact the Montana Department of Health and Human Services at 1-800-201-6308.