The Missoula County Attorney’s Office only filed six new criminal complaints this past week. County Attorney Kirsten Pabst says this is definitely the lowest number they have filed this year.

“There were two violent crimes, two endangerment crimes and two property crimes,” Pabst said. “The violent crimes include one strangulation partner or family member assault unlawful restraint case and one simple assault case. In the endangerment category, we charged one accountability for criminal endangerment and one driving while under the influence of drugs.”

Pabst described the two property crimes as well.

“One was a criminal mischief case in which the defendant allegedly smashed out some windows of a restaurant with rocks,” Pabst said. “Then there was an exploitation of a person with a developmental disability in which the defendant allegedly stole several electronic items from a developmentally disabled person and then sold those items.”

According to Pabst, they were reviewing three additional cases on Friday.

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