In terms of new criminal complaints, the Missoula County Attorney’s Office experienced another relatively slow week. Chief Deputy County Attorney Jason Marks explains.

“This week really wasn’t too bad, thankfully,” Marks said. “We filed 11 new felony cases. Four of those were drug possession cases, specifically methamphetamine and heroin. We had a couple of domestic violence cases and a couple vehicle thefts. That was pretty much it.”

Meth cases continue to occur on a weekly basis here in Missoula, but Marks says efforts are being made to combat this issue.

“We have had this going on for several years now and it is still a very significant issue,” Marks said. “I think project safe neighborhoods is really doing a good job of targeting methamphetamine dealers and some of the violence associated with that. In terms of use, it is still pretty prevalent.”

According to Marks, there is a very serious correlation between the number of meth cases that are filed and the number of child abuse and neglect cases that are filed. Marks also said Missoula does not have enough effective treatment options in the community.

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