Missoula crime numbers this past week were cut in half compared to last week. County Attorney Kristen Pabst says her office charged 12 new felony complaints.

“We only had three violent crimes this past week,” Pabst said. “There were no endangerment crimes, knock on wood. Our meth crimes were up and property crimes were about average. As far as the violent crimes go, there were two partner or family member assaults. One involved a defendant that also allegedly tampered with the victim. In that case, a neighbor called 911 after the victim’s young son sought help.”

Pabst thanked the neighbor in that case and encourages folks to say something if they see something. She said you never know when you’re going to save a life. Her office also charged a robbery case that involved violence.

“The defendant wanted a pack of cigarettes and believed he paid for them or said he had paid for them at a store,” Pabst said. “He actually shoved an employee against a wall, causing her to fall down. Other employees and bystanders became involved to help her. The defendant struck another employee, causing a cut to that employee’s face. When officers arrested the defendant, he appeared to be heavily intoxicated.”

According to Pabst, criminal mischief and theft allegedly took place at the Bonner Town Pump.

“The defendant in that case allegedly threw rocks through the windows and then stole about $16 worth of merchandise,” Pabst said. “The windows were valued at about $1,000. So that case quickly became much more serious, probably more than the suspect thought it would.”

In conclusion, Pabst says her office charged one resisting arrest case and five methamphetamine cases.

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