The last year has been a bit of a bumpy ride for the Staggering Ox in Missoula. A temporary closure late last year saw them shut down for months. After reopening earlier this year the business had to deal with the effects of staffing shortages and supply issues that have been felt by many. It all led to the announcement back in October that the Staggering Ox would close for good.

Despite the lack of workers and having to scramble to keep products in stock the plan for the Staggering Ox was to remain open through December 19. It's never fun when your favorite spot to eat just closes the doors unexpectedly and you don't get to grab one last meal or two. So I would imagine the fans of the Staggering Ox, who we'll refer to as the Ox-oholics, were pretty pumped that there was still time to grab Flatfoot and Clubfoot sandwiches before the final day in late December arrived.

But it looks like plans have changed

I saw a post on Facebook today that mentioned there are only six days left before the Staggering Ox closes. I didn't even think twice about it only being November and not December until I read a comment where someone asked if the plans of a December closure had changed. Sure enough, they moved the date, and Tuesday (11/23) will now be their final day.

The clock is ticking!

The Staggering Ox is down to its final days in Missoula. It's definitely the last call as they posted on their Facebook page, "Come in and get your first taste of the holidays and your last taste of the Staggering Ox with our Thanksgiving Day Sandwich."

Save yourself some time

Here's a tip that might save you a little time if you want to grab one last meal before they close. I stopped in last weekend and there was a pretty long wait for orders. You might be best served to call in your order and pick it up.

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