It’s no secret that gyms in January are usually packed full with people trying to honor their new year’s resolutions. The Missoula YMCA receives a significant amount of new members this time of year. Executive Vice President of Member and Health Services Keri McHugh explains.

“Usually during this time of year we definitely see an uptick, not only in membership, but all of our classes as well,” said McHugh. “We offer a pretty extensive group exercise calendar that is included with membership. Some of our preexisting members show up a little more around this time of year, but yes typically January is pretty big.”

According to McHugh, the rush does not last long. She says the YMCA usually clears out as the weather gets nicer.

“I would say you typically see a slow down around March and then spring break time,” McHugh said. “After spring break you get the nice weather and maybe people are not indoors as much, but also maybe not working out consistently. We try to keep them engaged through the spring because I think that can be tricky.”

McHugh says the Riverbank Run on April 28th is a good goal for people that are either participating in the marathon or just need motivation to run on the treadmill during the winter.

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