This winter has been a tough one in Missoula for both snow and freezing temperatures. National Weather Service Meteorologist Bob Nestor says that over the past 30 days, we’ve received more snow than all but one year.

"Put all this together and I am sure folks remember the Christmas in 1996-1997," said Nestor. "During this 30 day period, December 9th through January 9th, they had 53.3 inches of snow. The second was 35.1 inches of snow and that was this year 2016-2017 and those records go back to 1893."

This year brought not just snow, but blasts of arctic weather from Siberia and Canada that kept things on ice.

"Temperatures are pretty cold and 1948-1949, which happens to be our coldest entire winter on record, the average temperature was only 8.9 degrees," Nestor said. "This year our average temperature was 13.9 degrees, which makes this the sixth coldest period on record for that time frame."

The coldest days may be behind us. Nestor says that next week things should warm up to the 20s and 30s and that the change in temperatures will be so drastic, it may feel like summer

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