Whitefish Police Chief Bill Dial told KGVO News on Wednesday afternoon that all the talk buzzing on the internet so far about a protest march by white power proponents planned for January 15, is just that, talk.

"Whatever new developments there are are just rumors and innuendos," Dial said. "Social media is going crazy, and there's a TV station in Missoula, ABC/Fox that one of their reporters has been communicating with Andrew Angelin (of the Daily Stormer website).


David Winter ABC Fox

KGVO News then contacted anchor and reporter David Winter from ABC/Fox Montana, who has been reporting on the story since November, and initiated email contact with Angelin. Winter confirmed that he will freely share any and all information received from Angelin with the authorities in Whitefish.

Winter said he contacted Chief Dial and relayed the information he received from the parade organizer.

"We're not hiding any information from anyone," Winter said. "We're trying to get it out to people as soon and we get it. The gentleman who is trying to organize this march told us he still plans to go ahead with the march. We reached out to Chief Dial who told us it wasn't going to happen. Chief Dial reached out to our station today to get more information and we're very willing and happy to show him anything that we have."

Winter said according to Montana Code Annotated, a permit is not needed for a protest, but only in the case of a parade or a march that might impede traffic.

"If they wanted to march down the sidewalks, at least according to state law, they don't need a permit, as long as you're not impeding traffic or impeding pedestrian traffic," he continued. "You also don't need a permit to openly carry weapons in the state, as long as you're not in a bank, or a school, a place that serves alcohol or a government building."

Dial repeated the statement he made in our first interview.

"We're hoping for the best, but planning for the worst," he said. "We have a plan in place should this event occur,  but if it does happen, rest assured, we are very well prepared."



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