An expose by NBC Montana on the use of credit cards by employees of the city of Missoula is provoking a little backlash from some local officials. Missoula Street Maintenance Superintendent Brian Hensel says the story is missing some important facts.

"The only thing I'd say is that if they used the same level of accuracy on my little section of it that they applied to everyone else, I would really question it," Hensel said. "I laid it out for them and, you want to talk about fake news, cutting and pasting the parts you want to use, that was a prime example and I was not pleased with it at all."

In the NBC Montana story Hensel’s department came under scrutiny for $1,400 spent on attending a training event called the "Snow Rodeo" in Helena. Hensel says NBC Montana reported incorrectly that the Missoula team won the rodeo and insists the money was well spent.

"On my little segment where my picture flashed up, they made it seem like I was the only one that attended the snow rodeo. Myself and three crew went for that $1,400 and that included registration, boarding, and also fuel," Hensel said. "[The Snow Rodeo] is hands-on training with new equipment, then a training competition and also classroom training."

The NBC Montana investigation has raised eyebrows after finding many purchases by city employees that the public may find questionable, including rib-eye dinners at Lolo Steakhouse, a pair of $100 sandals and even some Skullcandy earbuds which were purchased on Amazon.


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