On Monday, August 17, there was an unusual vehicle that was stolen from a local parking lot. Public Information Officer Travis Welsh says the vehicle is an older model of a Thiokol IMP 1404 Snow Cat.

"It's a 1970's model," Welsh said. "Anybody who sees it will recognize it as a snow machine. It's built for two occupants. It is bright orange in color. It has a flatbed on the rear and sits above tracks that are obviously made for traveling in snow."

Welsh says that they received reports from a witness and from various drivers on the road about the Snow Cat.

"A witness observed what appeared to be two men in a smaller light green pick up that was said to be older, hooked the trailer the cab was sitting on up to the back of the pick up and towed it away," Welsh said. "We had later reports indicating that people had seen this thing being towed westbound on Broadway and then later even westbound on I-90."

If anyone has any additional information, call the Missoula Police Department at 552-6300.