Thieves have been striking vehicles at Missoula Fishing Access Sites and it happened again this past weekend.

"Over the weekend we had vehicles parked down at a few of the Fishing Access Sites," said Missoula County Sheriff’s Office Public Information Officer Brenda Bassett. "This week in particular it was off of Hwy 200 and Tamarack Road. A lot of us, when we go put in our tubes, hide our keys around the vehicle... in the gas tank, up on the tires.."

In this instance, the criminals managed to find the keys to at least two different vehicles.

"This particular day there were people, or a person who went around and found these keys and unlocked the vehicles, took several hundred dollars worth of items out of the vehicles. including some cash, electronics,  an iPad, laptops, phones. We just want to encourage people to think of alternatives."

Bassett advises floaters to either take their keys with them or give them to a friend during a float to prevent more break-ins. Law enforcement is still looking for a suspect in this instance.

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