Calling all parents! The Missoula Senior All Night Party Committee is gearing up for the graduation celebration and is looking for parent volunteers.

The Senior All-Night Graduation Party is an alcohol-free and drug-free graduation celebration for Missoula area high school seniors and has been a tradition in Missoula for

28 years. Hundreds of volunteers are needed to keep this tradition going and provide

Missoula area high school graduates a safe place to celebrate. While as many parents of seniors and juniors as possible are needed, this year volunteer opportunities are open to all high school parents.

An information meeting for all parents of high school students in the Missoula area about volunteering for the Senior All-Night Graduation Party will be held on Wednesday,

January 18, at 7:00 pm at Sentinel High School in the Library on the second floor.

Many donations are also needed every year. Donations of cash and gift items are needed to give to the graduates the night of the party. To make a cash donation, please make checks payable to: 

Senior All-Night Party

PO Box 16144

Missoula, MT 59808

To donate items or become a business sponsor, please contact Linda Heihn

at 529-8889.