The Missoula Rural Fire District is searching for some residents to serve as live in volunteers. These volunteers will work along professional firefighters on a nightly basis. Lieutenant Eric Huleatt says it is important that they fill the empty positions as soon as possible.

“We are down four which significantly impacts our nighttime shift coverage,” said Huleatt. “If we don’t have a resident in the station at night, we could potentially have one career firefighter working and responding by himself. It is critical that we fill all 12 of those positions so that we have the same coverage at night and can provide the man power we need to respond to these calls.”

According to Huleatt, the district provides multiple different benefits for those who choose to volunteer.

“The residents get free room, so they get to live at the station for free,” Huleatt said. “They get awesome experience with professional fire fighters. They are going to our calls with us and working alongside of us. We also offer a tuition reimbursement of up to $3,000 per year. In addition to that, we provide a lot of training to these guys.”

Huleatt says the position is beneficial to college students in particular because they can attend class during the day and volunteer at night. Those who would like to volunteer can apply online at or they can stop by MRFD Headquarters at 2521 South Avenue West.

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