The City of Missoula is extending the deadline for people to comment on plans for the new Marshall Mountain Park. The City and its partners have been conducting an online survey so people can review the proposed designs and offer comments on the final plans, which would go into effect after the city takes over full ownership of the park in 2023. 

Missoula Parks and Recreation Department Planners are working to develop a final plan for both the section of the former ski area that was purchased by a private group in 2021, and the adjoining 160 acres further up the slope that was already owned by the Five Valleys Land Trust. 

When Izzy Dog, LLC purchased the base area and lodge, the plan was to keep the park in local hands, eventually turning it over to full public ownership. 

Earlier this month, Parks and Rec unveiled some initial designs for what the new area would look like, including an extensive scheme to provide trail access to multiple user groups. Preventing conflicts has been one of the main objectives of the planning effort. 

The city had hoped to wrap up the online survey just before Christmas but has now decided to give people until Friday to comment on the design concepts. That can be done at Engage Missoula. 

The plan will give City and Missoula County officials the financial information they need to consider when tapping into the local Open Space Bond funds to complete the purchase of the full 320-acre site. The price tag has already been established at $1.92 million dollars.

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