At around 6:40 Thursday night, Missoula Police received a call from an employee of a home improvement store in the 2700 block of Radio Way. Police Public Information Officer Travis Welsh says the employee reported that they observed a customer slurring his speech and dropping items in the isles.

“The employee was able to get a license plate on the vehicle and reported that he felt that the driver who was leaving the store was intoxicated,” Welsh said. “He also reported that there was a little girl in the car that turned out to be the man’s 10-year-old daughter. The officers began looking in the area for the vehicle, and the man, and he was observed in the intersection of Wyoming and Johnson.”

Welsh says an officer pulled the man over in the 1800 block of Wyoming Street.

“He was subsequently arrested for DUI and identified as 34-year-old Tristan Olson,” Welsh said. “That is when the little girl in the car was identified as his 10-year-old daughter. Mr. Olson was arrested. He is currently being held in Missoula County Jail on a charge of criminal child endangerment, which is a felony, and driving under the influence of alcohol.”

Welsh said police appreciate it when people call 911 when they see this type of behavior because it can prevent serious danger. He says it was especially important in this particular case because a child was involved.

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