At around 6:00 p.m. on Thursday, Missoula Police initiated a traffic stop in the 4700 block of North Reserve Street. Police Public Information Officer Travis Welsh says officers pulled the car over because it did not have any license plates.

“The stop led to the identification of two persons and the initiation of a drug investigation based on evidence found in the vehicle at the time of the stop,” said Welsh. “That eventually led officers to a hotel on North Reserve Street, where they encountered another person, seizure of more narcotics and the arrest of three people.”

According to Welsh, officers seized marijuana and methamphetamine during the investigation.

“The three people that were arrested are 34-year-old Matthew Olson, a female arrested is Ashley McCormack, she is 33 years of age, and the third person arrested is a 40-year-old male named Manuel Bean,” Welsh said. “All of the three arrested are looking at charges related to distributing narcotics.”

Welsh says investigating officers determined that the amount of drugs was more than just for personal use or that other evidence may have suggested sale of the drugs. Olson was also charged with failure to register as a violent or sexual offender.

Photo Courtesy of Missoula Jail
Photo Courtesy of Missoula Jail