Just after 9:00 a.m. on Tuesday, Missoula Police Officers responded to the report of a stolen vehicle in the 1600 block of West Broadway. The complainant drove to the Inn on Broadway to pick up his brother for school. He went inside for a few minutes and left the car running. When he returned, it was gone. Police Public Information Officer Travis Welsh explains.

“The complainant stated that the vehicle had been left running in the parking lot and that when he came out to get back in the car, he discovered it was gone,” Welsh said. “The officers were able to use GPS on the vehicle to track its location, which they passed on to MHP troopers and MSCO deputies.”

Court documents indicate the staff at Deal on Wheels was able to ping the GPS. They initially stated the vehicle was near Dearborn Avenue, but officers could not locate it. Deals on Wheels continued to ping the GPS.

“The vehicle was spotted travelling eastbound on I-90 and was topped near the Clinton exit,” Welsh said. “The MHP troopers took the male into custody and identified him as 34-year-old Malcolm Wiley. The MPD officers speaking to the complainant confirmed that they had not given anyone permission to take the car and they were unfamiliar with Wiley.”

Wiley was arrested and taken to jail. He declined to provide a statement to law enforcement. He was charged with one count of felony theft.

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