Missoula, MT (KGVO-AM News) - A new report released this week by journoresearch.org, states that of the 2.3 million nationwide job listings on Indeed.com, it identifies the healthcare sector as the most advertised jobs in the nation, but especially in Montana, where it accounted for 13.9 percent of all job listings in the state.

The article states that the healthcare sector seeks to fill its workforce vacancies more than any other industry in Montana.

In Montana 1,171 Health Care Jobs were Listed in just Two Weeks

According to the study by the law firm of Schmidt and Clark, the Montana healthcare industry listed a total of 1,171 jobs in just two weeks throughout the state.

Recently, KGVO News reported that negotiations are underway between Providence St. Patrick Hospital and Community Medical Center with the Montana Nurses Association for new contracts.

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Nurses Union Official says 'Negotiations are Continuing'

Robin Haus, Labor Program Director for the Montana Nurses Association told KGVO on January 23 that negotiations are ongoing.

‘“Providence St. Patrick Hospital and the Montana Nurses Association local 17, the registered nurse unions have currently entered into contract negotiations,” began Haus. “They are in negotiations that started last week. They are working with a Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service facilitator and are utilizing a process called intentional bargaining, which is a collaborative way to negotiate.”

The Current Nurses Contract Expired on February 29

Haus said the current contract expired on February 29.

“The goals of the nurses, and the unit has about 625 nurses, their contract expired on February 29th,” she said. “Their top priorities really are nurse retention. They want to keep their nurses local and keep them living in Missoula. Unfortunately, that's becoming more and more of a challenge with the cost of living and they are really focused on safe staffing standards so they can continue to provide high quality care to the Missoula community and surrounding communities.”

KGVO News has reached out to Haus for any updates on the contract negotiations, however due to the sensitive nature of the issues; she has simply stated that the negotiations are ongoing at this time.

There are numerous yard signs throughout Missoula stating ‘I support St. Pat’s Nurses’ with the hash tags Keep Missoula Nurses Local and Retain Me’.

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