My time in Missoula is still in its infancy stage. I moved in November and still need to learn the ins and outs of Missoula's neighborhoods. So let's take a crack at learning about a new one, shall we?

In this series, we'll take a look at information from the City of Missoula's Neighborhood Profiles for each of Missoula's Neighborhoods, with all data cited below coming from the Neighborhood Profile. In this article, we'll look at the Rose Park neighborhood.

Where is the Rose Park Neighborhood?

The Rose Park boundary is a close-to-perfect square located west of the University of Montana campus and east of Franklin to the Fort Neighborhood. Its western edge is Russell Street, its northern line is S 6th Street, to the east is Higgins Avenue and to the south is South Ave.

Who Lives in the Rose Park Neighborhood?

A total of 5,373 people live in Rose Park, accounting for over 6 percent of the city's population. Over the last 12 years, Rose Park grew by 3%, well under Missoula's 10% growth from 2010-2022.

The median population age for Missoula is 33.8 years old while Rose Park's median age is just a tad shy at 33.4 years old. The 35-44 age range accounts for the highest percentage at 13.8%, with 25-34 year-olds right behind accounting for 13.7%.

While 97% of the population possesses a high school diploma, the same percentage as the city, 61% of the population holds a bachelor's degree or higher, compared to 49% in the city. The median household income is $54,679 in Rose Park, just a few hundred dollars shy of Missoula's $54,820.

What is the Housing Like in the Rose Park Neighborhood?

A majority of residents rent within Rose Park. 62% of the population rents, averaging $860 on rent per month, and 38% of people own homes. In 2022, homes cost $526,500 on average, slightly above Missoula's median price of $519,000. There are 2,600 housing units.

Key features of the Rose Park Neighborhood

  • Parks: Rose Park, aptly named, contains four  parks: Anderson Park, Rose Park Sacajawea Park, Southside Lions Park
  • Memorial Rose Garden (Rose Park Playground) acts as a memorial for Missoula-born or raised veterans who gave their lives in active duty.
  • Schools: Loyola Sacred Heart High School, Washington Middle School
  • Notable local businesses: Rockin' Rudy's

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