A couple of recent Missoula cases have grabbed headlines and a large number of responses on social media, but Missoula Police say there have been no official charges. According to Police Public Information Officer Travis Welsh, Police have received no complaints about Nazi Propaganda, reportedly being distributed in town.

"The only thing we have received in regards to the [Nazi propaganda] is a request for an extra patrol at the local synagogue here in town, but we have not taken any reports about the literature that appeared in news reports over the weekend," Welsh said

In another case, a man was reportedly beaten by four people after claiming to be a supporter of presidential candidate Donald Trump. Facebook pictures show a significant head wound and bleeding. Welsh says the man did talk with police, but again, there are no charges.

"We have talked to one individual who reported that he had been assaulted and felt that the assault was politically motivated, however, that individual has informed us that he does not want to pursue the case or press charges... he was just relaying information," Welsh said.

Because there are no charges, Welsh could not affirm or deny the accusation that the beating was politically motivated, nor could he specify which candidate the victim supported.

Below is a Facebook link relaying the assault claim that circulated on social media:



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