This week, the Missoula County Detention Center began accepting applications for six open positions. According to training Lieutenant Jeff Rodrick, there are six full time positions open and each pay an hourly wage of $17.51.

"The way our hiring process works is that everyone needs to fill out the job application online through Missoula County, they can go to the county website through the human resources department, find the link and apply. After they apply online they'll have to submit what we call 'prove-it' tests. They will have to go down to the job service and take four different tests on four different aptitude skills."

Rodrick says that a background in law enforcement is not needed for the positions, all of which are in the adult facility off of Mulan Road. There are certain skills that the tests are designed to look for.

"We look for people with great communication skills. We want people that want a career, this is actually a career. We know that people use it as a stepping-stone to other positions, like patrol, but there are others that choose it as a career, like myself. We do have the Sheriff's retirement system... truly, you get out of this job what you put in."

The recruitment window will close on February eighth at five o’clock. Rodrick says that overtime pay is always an opportunity for those who want to work more hours.

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