The Missoula County High Schools are holding their annual, “All Night Graduation Party” at The Hub on Saturday, June 4. The senior classes will play games, race go-karts and other fun games with a chance to win prizes.

"There's going to be some great prizes University of Montana is offering a thousands dollar scholarship, Montana State University is offering a thousand dollar scholarship and there's a thousand dollar cash prize,so lots of good stuff  is happening," Volunteer Sue Orr said.

With all of the activities and games going on the graduation party committee is in need of some help to make sure the kids stay safe and to keep things running smoothly.

"We need volunteers to chaperon different activities we need people to run the different booths like the bingo and things like that," Orr said. "We need a couple of different shifts and we're short on the later end of the evening and the early hours of the evening."

The All Night Party starts at 8:30 pm. For more information about volunteering at the event, sign up here.

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