A tradition will continue on Tuesday for Missoula high school freshmen, as they gather in Washington-Grizzly Stadium for the annual Graduation Matters Missoula rally.

Superintendent of Missoula School District One Alex Apostle said on Monday, September 30, that the event will help inspire students to graduate from high school.

"We'll have various people speaking to our students about the importance of graduating from high school, and then going on past high school to various schooling and training and those types of opportunities," Apostle said. "It's something we've done for quite a few years, and we're very excited to continue that tradition."

Apostle said having the event at the stadium adds an extra dimension to the high school freshmen.

"The rally at the stadium on campus is meant to inspire them in terms of their future," Apostle said. "They need to understand that graduating from high school is a prerequisite to going on to college. The setting at the University of Montana is just wonderful. President Royce Engstrom will be speaking to the group, as well as Superintendent of Public Instruction Denise Juneau, various professors from the university, and of course, the students themselves."

The event will be held inside Washington-Grizzly Stadium at 10 a.m. on Tuesday. October 1.

District One Superintendent Alex Apostle: