Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks is searching for some volunteers in west central Montana. FWP Public Information Officer Vivaca Crowser explains.

"We are looking for applicants who might be interested in serving as a volunteer on what is called our Region 2 Citizen Advisory Committee," Crowser said. "Each region around the state has one of these committees. This is our 14th year of having a CAC in place. The major purpose is just to have a good forum for communication on a variety of natural resource issues."

The council will discuss a host of topics, many of which are brought up by the members themselves.

"It is hard to tell even from year to year what we will be talking about and a lot of those topics are developed from what the group has interest in," Crowser said. "This is a 21 member committee right now. That number changes a bit from 18 and 22. We have four openings right now. You serve a four year term and every bodies term is staggered. Each year in June we look for new members."

There are four to six meetings each year and meals are provided to the volunteers.

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