A few months ago, we told you that Missoula's annual flower baskets, which get hung up in the downtown area every single year - a tradition that dates back over ten years now - would be popping up downtown in early May.

Well, as you may have noticed, we're now halfway through the month of May, and there hasn't been a single flower basket in sight. So what gives?

No, there's not a Flower Guy out there who forgot to do his job - actually, there's a perfectly logical reason for why we haven't seen the flower baskets in Missoula yet.

The Flower Baskets Have Been Delayed Because It's Too Cold

The weather has been all over the place this year, and in just the last couple of weeks we've seen temperatures go as high as 75 or as low as 30. It's been bouncing around so often and most Missoulians are ready for spring to just actually get here so we can enjoy some warm weather before the real heat kicks in this summer.

Well, that kind of temperature fluctuation can have a lot of different effects, and it looks like the placement of the downtown flower baskets are one of them. According to Montana Right Now, temperatures need to stay above freezing in order for Downtown Missoula to go ahead with the placement of the flowers. They say that the flowers represent a $15,000 investment - and that even one night's freeze could totally destroy that investment.

The hope is to get the flowers up within the next couple of weeks - hopefully we'll see some consistent warm weather by then!

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