For the second week in a row, Missoula had a low number of felony crimes. According to Deputy County Attorney Jason Marks, though the overall count was low, there were some very serious charges.

"It was slow in terms of the number of cases that we had," Marks said. "We filed nine new felony cases this week. Unfortunately a number of them were some pretty serious crimes. We had three pretty routine theft cases, a drug possession case, and the other five were all persons crimes."

The crimes against person’s category was especially troubling because in many cases, children were the victims.

"We charged Kyler Sutton with aggravated assault," Marks said. "He badly injured another man. We had an assault with a weapon and a felony partner assault. "We had two men that were charged in relation to their interactions with underage girls, sexual abuse of children. One was charged with statutory rape."

At only nine new felony cases, this past week may end up being one of the slowest crime weeks of the year. Missoula County often has more than double that number of felony case.

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