An eagle-eyed Missoula employee in the 2100 block of Stephen’s Avenue helped to catch a man suspected of forging checks on Friday, November 17, Missoula Police Public Information Officer Travis Welsh explains,

"The employee said she had prior information that a male, matching this man's description had been attempting to cash checks both in Bozeman and in the city of Missoula," Welsh said. "She felt that this male matched that description and also believed that there was evidence that the checks he was trying to cash were fictitious, so she called 911."

Police showed up to investigate and ended up arresting a man who, eventually, identified himself as 29-year-old Joshua Edmondson.

"He was subsequently arrested for Felony forgery as well as misdemeanor account of obstructing a police officer, for providing the officer with a fictitious name, he also had property on his person that belong to another person, that property was identification material," Welsh said.

Edmondson faces seven charges in all, including Felony Forgery, but about half of those charges are for failing to make court appearances due to past misdemeanors.

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