We are big animals lovers here at KYSS. This beautiful dog needs some help and a forever home.

Krystal Graham wrote on Gofundme.com :

"Meet Lebowski!
He was recently surrendered to Missoula Animal Control by his owners. Apparently he was supposed to protect goats, but preferred people instead. Unfortunately, during his short career as a failed goat herder, he tore his ACL (just like football players), and now needs expensive knee surgery.
Lebowski is a great pyrenees, an absolute lover, a gentle giant. He his wonderful with animals of all kinds, as well as all people and children. He is currently residing in a home with his new best friend, a blind rescue cat!
Many people have wanted to adopt Lebowski, but have been unable to afford his surgery. Fortunately, a kind hearted animal nurse has agreed to pay for a generous portion of his surgery, which will be performed at Pruyn Veterinary Hospital, at a wonderful discount.
Please help us finish the fundraising needed to perform his operation, so that he can live the life that he feels he was meant to live- with people!"

What a doll and a precious animal.

Photo courtesy of Lisa Lewis
Photo courtesy of Lisa Lewis

(406) 829-8150 is the number to the vet clinic or find out more by clicking on the link above.