The Missoula County Attorney’s Office charged 11 new criminal complaints this week. According to County Attorney Kirsten Pabst, four of those cases involved some form of violence.

“The first case was a partner or family member assault third offense,” Pabst said. “That defendant allegedly assaulted his son. The second was a partner or family member assault in which the defendant allegedly assaulted her boyfriend. The third interpersonal violent crime involved two counts of assault with a weapon and one count of criminal mischief. In that case, the defendant allegedly assaulted his father and his brother with a knife.”

Pabst said her office charged three endangerment crimes as well. Two of those were felony DUI cases and one was a criminal endangerment case.

“In that case, the defendant was allegedly driving on the wrong side of interstate 90 and almost caused two head on collisions,” Pabst said. “Her BAC was .194 when she was stopped. She thought she was either in Helena or East Helena.”

In addition, Pabst said her officer charged one theft case and three new drug cases.

“In one case the allegation was the possession of meth and fentanyl,” Pabst said. “We have talked about fentanyl in the past. Its street name is grey death. It is a drug that looks like cement and is very dangerous. There is no margin for error. It is concerning that we are seeing that pop up in our community.”

In the last drug case, an officer saw the defendant’s car in a casino and knew she was on probation for exposing her children to methamphetamine.

You can listen to Pabst's entire crime report below:

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