The Missoula County Attorney’s Office filed 23 new criminal complaints this week, which is well above normal. Six of those cases involved crimes against persons. County Attorney Kirsten Pabst explains.

“Three of those were partner or family member assault cases or strangulation,” Pabst said. “We charged one case of sexual intercourse without consent. There were two non-family related violent incidents. One involved a pretty serious assault against a clerk at a store and then there was an assault with a bodily fluid.”

According to Pabst, they had a lot of endangerment crimes as well.

“We charged a felony DUI and two criminal endangerments,” Pabst said. “In one of those, the defendant allegedly drove straight at the victim who was not in the vehicle. The other involved a crash where the driver was pretty intoxicated on interstate 90.”

They also charged two traffic cases. Pabst said they don’t usually charge by complaint, but those were pretty serious incidents.

“In one of those we charged reckless driving and disorderly conduct,” Pabst said. “It involved a game of chicken where some drivers were driving very fast at each other, endangering not only them, but other people in the area. We also charged a failure to yield. That involved a crash that resulted in a young man’s tragic death.”

In addition, Pabst said her office charged five new property crimes and five new drug cases.

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