In light of graduation season, extra vigilance was to be expected from the Missoula County Sherriff's Department over the weekend. Paige Pavalone with the Sherriff’s Department wanted to give all of-age Missoulians a helpful reminder:

"This is the time of year we'd like to put out a reminder to parents and older people who are of the age of 21 not to provide alcohol to minors," Pavalone said. "Don't sign for kegs, don't buy them booze. Also a reminder to the high school graduates: we want you to make it through the summer and make it into college. So don't put yourself in a situation you can't get yourself out of."

Pavalone said the Sherriff’s Department will have extra patrols in the upcoming weeks out on the lookout for any underage drinking.

"We are picking up extra patrols this weekend and for the subsequent weeks for graduation parties in the woods," Pavalone said. "We're going to have extra deputies out there in four-wheel drive vehicles looking for keggers and looking to prevent these parties happening in the woods."

High school commencement ceremonies for Missoula County Public Schools took place Saturday at the Adams Center on the University of Montana campus.