When Missoula County Sheriff's detectives solve a theft case, often they must ask for the public's help in returning stolen items to their rightful owners. Now, detectives are seeking the owner of a stolen shotgun.

Public Information Officer Paige Pavalone said a vehicle was recovered with several firearms inside.

"One of the firearms was a shotgun, and at this time, we haven't been able to place it back with the rightful owner," Pavalone said. "Detectives have nailed it down to the original theft occurring either in Lolo or in the El Mar Estates area off of Mullan Road. So, we're asking if anyone has had a shotgun stolen from their house, or have been the victim of a theft or a burglary, to please give us a call at the sheriff's office and ask for Detective Walrod or Detective Gunter. Describe the shotgun, and if it belongs to you, a deputy will return it to you."

Sheriff's Office Public Information Officer Paige Pavalone