Even though he took second in the Democratic primary for Missoula County Sheriff by about 2,000 votes, Josh Clark has decide he's not throwing in the towel.

T.J. McDermott won the primary campaign and took 51.6 percent of the vote to Clark's 30.6 percent, but when Clark looks at these numbers he finds hope.

"92 percent of the voters in Missoula either didn't get who they wanted in as Sheriff, or they didn't get to a say at all," Clark said. "There's 85,000 plus voters in Missoula county , a little over 6,000 voted for my opponent. That means that roughly 79,000 people didn't really have a say. I believe that Missoula County ought to have a credible choice for Sheriff, and I'm that credible choice. I'm not going to owe favors or anything to political parties, politicians, or corporations. I think that's really important for all public officials to keep in mind; our constituents, the voters are who matter... not these special interests."

There was no Republican sheriff candidate this year, so T.J. McDermott will be the only name on the ballot in November. Clark is reaching out to the public in hopes they'll remember his name on election day.

"I would like them to consider me when they go to the polls," Clark said. "I'd like them to fill in the oval, and write in my name, Josh Clark."

After the election, Clark filed a complaint with the Montana Commissioner of Political Practices Office, saying that McDermott had used a Missoula law firm's stationary and facilities to campaign, but did not file these expenses in his campaign financing report. The law firm has until Monday, September 29 to file with the commissioner.

Here is an audio interview with Undersheriff Clark conducted by KGVO's Peter Christian late Saturday night.


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