Missoula County Public Schools is proud to announce the start of the second year of the innovative i3 Missoula summer program! Shirley Lindberg with MCPS said all 30 students and three MCPS teachers started the program on July 7 and they are well on their way to creating dynamic projects that solve real problems across Missoula:

"Bringing 30 kids together to be divided up into teams and each other these teams have been able to come up with a project that would benefit the community," Lindberg said. "We're in our second week right now and our second summer. Some of our projects actually have even been a carry over from last year."

Photo courtesy of MCPS/i3 Program

Lindberg said i3 Missoula is scheduled July 7 through August 1. Participants work in collaborative teams of five students and utilize non-traditional, collaborative facilitation and mentoring to address innovative solutions involving core disciplines of science, technology, engineering, arts and math.

"This project is really something we're hoping to lead into our school year as well," Lindberg said. "We'd like to see i3 Missoula become part of how we do business in Missoula County Public Schools. It's about changing our learning environment and also engaging the kids more actively and integrating all subject areas. It's really giving them an opportunity to learn so much during the summer months."

The teams will share results of their projects in a community forum in early August.

For more information visit the MCPS website.

Shirley Lindberg: