The Missoula County Detention Center announced on Wednesday that another inmate has tested positive for COVID 19, however, this inmate is in what is called a ‘pod’ within the facility.

Sheriff’s Office Public Information Officer Jeannette Smith has details of the infection.

“The Missoula County Detention Facility innate contained within a pod, and a pod is defined as a set number of cells and a single living space, has tested positive for COVID-19,” said Smith. “Information that was provided by the inmate prompted staff to test the inmate. Test results were returned in less than 24 hours and they were positive.”

Smith described the pods contained within the facility.

“Pods within the detention facility vary in number and are determined by location,” she said. “Inmates in these close knit groups have very limited contact with other pods in the facility. The Detention Center nursing staff is working closely with health officials to identify all close contacts and testing is being coordinated with the Missoula City County Health Department.”

Smith described the steps being taken to keep the infection from spreading throughout the detention facility.

“The inmate who tested positive is currently isolated and will be monitored closely and treated by Detention Center nursing staff,” she said. “When the inmate has been cleared by a public health nurse, the inmate will no longer be in isolation. The other inmates within that pod will also be closely monitored and quarantined. At this time no other inmates have tested positive for COVID 19.”

At last report there were over 160 county inmates in the Detention Center.


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