Election Day is nearly here and Missoula County Elections Administrator Rebecca Connors has some last minute advice for voters.

"As we approach Election Day, which is a week away, voters should take advantage of the 'My Voter Page' that's available at our website, missoulavotes.com," Connors said. "This resource allows you to look up your voter information, where your polling place is, directions to get there; It allows you to also track your absentee ballot, if you've received an absentee ballot, and see whether it's been accepted or not."

Connors said the elections office has extended hours this week.

"Take advantage of our extended hours!" Connors said. "We do have extended hours this week through Thursday until 6 p.m. and then again on Saturday from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. Take advantage of those hours. Beat the rush on Election Day. If you need to update your information with our office, do it in that time, or we do have the availability on Election Day—same day voter registration—get you updated."

As of today, about 13,000 ballots had been returned to the Missoula County Elections Office. Although there are digital “I Voted” stickers available online, the only way to get a real sticker is to go to your polling place or the elections office.

Rebecca Connors:

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