Today on the Talk Back Show we have a special opportunity to feature a debate between two local politicians running for the same seat. Incumbent and Missoula County Commissioner (D) Jean Curtiss will defending her seat against (R) Mark Brady this November and on the air today.

Because of the nature of today's program we will be doing things a little differently. First of all, we ask that callers please keep their questions short and that the questions be constructed in such a way that both Mark and Jean can respond. In other words, we would rather not have calls simply to cheer or jeer a single candidate.

In preparation, it would be good for listeners to tour the candidates web-pages and take a look at the issues as they see them. Both Mark Brady and Jean Curtiss have been asked to present the listening audience with the three issues they see as most important in this election. As a primer, I thought it would be helpful to list the issues posted on each candidates website.

On his issues page, Brady mentions the economy, taxes, private property and constitutional governance as prime topics.







On her issues page, Curtiss lists agricultural lands, budget & finance, economic development, facilities initiatives, public health, and rural initiatives as main topics.









I will be posting the audio from the debate on this blog today after the show, so if you come back later in the day you can re-listen or catch the parts you missed. Talk to you soon!

The Debate FULL AUDIO: