The Missoula County Attorney’s Office has been busy prosecuting the murder trial of Emmanuel Gomez, but according to Deputy County Attorney Jason Marks, the county is juggling lots of other cases too.

"We have obviously got the homicide trial going on right now," said Marks. "In terms of new things coming in, it is kind of the usual mixed bag, felony DUI, assault on a peace officer, a couple domestic violence cases and of course the usual drug cases."

Assault on a peace officer incidents happen all too often, but they don’t always end up in court. Marks says this latest case involved two deputies from the Missoula County Sheriff’s Department.

"Investigating an individual who was having some difficulties and he ran and broke into some strangers house, I think trying to get away," Marks said. "They went after him and he wanted to fight with them. No one was seriously injured, but the two deputies did get banged up a little bit in the process of trying to get him restrained and into custody."

As far as drug cases are concerned, Marks says Missoula is prosecuting about three to four meth cases per week.

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