For weeks on end, Missoulians have been look up at cloudy skies dumping buckets of rain. According to Meteorologist Genki Kino, the county is getting close to breaking the record for the wettest year ever.

"For Missoula, it looks like from October through the end of March it's been the second-wettest on record," Kino said". We've had about 9.94 inches of precipitation in that time, the record for that time was set in 1996-97 that year we were at 11.43 inches at the end of March."

The “water year," runs from October to September and Kino says Missoula is trailing the record by about an inch and a half of rain, but could make it up if this weather persists.

"We've just had this low-pressure that's been off the west coast," Kino said. "It has just been sitting there for much of the last few months. We're kind of in a pattern where it pulls in the pacific moisture and we get a few days of rain, followed by one day of sun, then back to a few days of rain and we've just been constantly in that pattern."

According to Kino, there’s no end in sight to the current holding pattern and similar weather is expected at least until the beginning of May.

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